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Queen Anne teacher brings joy to students with guinea pigs

The classroom pets star in videos that help calm and comfort the kids.

SEATTLE — A Seattle preschool teacher found an absolutely adorable way to stay connected with her students during the COVID-19 lockdown – guinea pigs!

"Little people and little animals together is, like, the best," says Kippy Depina.

She owns Lily Pad Preschool in the Queen Anne neighborhood. When the stay at home order took effect, she closed her doors leaving her feeling "a little lost."

Depina soon found another way to keep in touch. She started a Facebook page where she shares videos starring the classroom guinea pigs.

"Our videos are just the guinea pigs eating," says Depina. "It's just a little crunch, crunch, crunch sound and I make them three or four minutes. So they can just sit quietly and watch the guinea pigs and calm their little spirits."

The guinea pig meditation videos, as Depina calls them, have been a huge hit with the kids. 

"Even though they're looking at the guinea pigs through video they feel connected," says Depina. "They've given them comfort in real life so they're familiar with them."

Depina hopes to start in-person summer camps soon. She plans on teaching social distancing, handwashing and wearing face masks.

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