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Gift ideas for the cyclist in your life - 2019's Best

Gregg's Greenlake Cycle offers the hottest new gear

SEATTLE — GREGG'S GREENLAKE CYCLE is the winner of BEST BIKE SHOP in 2019's Best of Western Washington viewers poll.

Imagine competing in a cycling race against a rider from Germany or Canada or Thailand, you name the country, from your family room in real-time. That's happening. "So anyone with a name above them is somebody else out in the virtual world. You can see we've got people from Germany. This is a global product. So these are real people riding on this course all over the place," says Leif Thorsen, store manager at Gregg's Greenlake Cycle.

The $1200 Wahoo Smart Trainer works with any device, even your phone. But we recommend your giant wall tv. "You put your bike on it, your existing bike at home. It'll pretty much work with any bike. And then you can ride in this virtual world." A world you see on the screen in front of you that includes others zipping past...or you zipping past them. "So if you and I wanna ride together, we can meet in this world and go for a ride without gettin' wet outside. So in Seattle, it's a great way to stay dry in the winter and still get a good workout in."

In the real world, Thorsen says you gotta light up. "At a thousand lumens, the birds start chirping. They think it's daylight when you're out there." He's talking about some of the new bike lights they offer that are about as bright as a car headlight. "Five, ten years ago, a hundred lumens was a hundred bucks. And this is ten times as bright and it lasts way longer. It's more compact." And more affordable than ever. The model he shows us is $129.

Affordable can be a relative term. Especially when you're after a state-of-the-art electric mountain bike. "This is a brand new 2020," Thorsen says, as he pulls down an army green Specialized Turbo Levo Expert. It's listed at $8,274.99. 

Thorsen says e-bikes often suffer from the notion that using a motor to get up the hill is cheating. But he says it's not about doing less work. It's about getting in more runs. "You can ride a lot more than you would've otherwise so you can really boost your fun level. It gets the most painful part out of the way."

"Gregg's Greenlake Cycle" was your choice for "Best Bike Store" in 2019's Best of Western Washington.

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