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Granite Falls cafe encourages customers to perform acts of kindness

Hanky Pies is a coffee and sandwich shop dedicated to helping customers, from active duty military to members of the homeless community. #k5evening

GRANITE FALLS, Wash. — The small town of Granite Falls is home to some big ideas about kindness, at a café called Hanky Pies.

"Weirdest name ever for a store or coffee shop,” joked Krista Morehead, who named it after her son Hank.

He is one of five.

Morehead's modest cafe is - she hopes - a way to make the world a better place for them.

"I can't change the world and I can't change the country in a large scale, I'll never run for president or be a billionaire philanthropist, but I can love the people that walk through the door,” she said. "I just have faith that people are inherently good and they want to help, but they are overwhelmed at the idea of helping."

Morehead offers simple ways to help.

First, there’s the “Buddy Board” - where you can buy something for a friend and post a note on a corkboard for them to see.

Then, there's the “Hometown Heroes” wall, filled with photos of active duty and military veterans.

"My husband was in the marine corps,” Morehead said. "We're hugely passionate about loving our heroes, as we call them."

Hanky Pies sells coffee roasted by a veteran-owned business and all military and first responders get 15% off their orders, plus free coffee on holidays that honor them.

You’ll also find “Andy's Wall,” named in honor of a homeless man who became a friend. Two dollar donations pay for a hot coffee and sandwich, which can be redeemed by anyone in need.

And finally, on Tuesday nights, community volunteers serve free meals in the café’s cozy space. Morehead calls it dinner with dignity.

"Feeding people the way they would eat if they came to your home. Well, if they came to my home it might be in front of the TV, let's be real,” she said, laughing.

Hanky Pies | 106 S. Cascade Ave. | Open daily

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