From the outside, it looks like any old warehouse. But inside, it's like nothing you've ever seen. 103 murals stare and shout and drip from the walls, floors, and ceilings.

It's Dozer's Warehouse, a temporary art installation from artist and curator Crick Lont.

Here, 75 artists from all over the Northwest and the world show what one can do with aerosol.

Beacon Arts provided the space where Crick invited graffiti artists and others to fill up the walls.

"So they all came. They crushed and it was a lot of these bigger names in the place, at least as far as the out of towners go," Crick said. "And that just made everybody want to paint."

Everything from happy hot dogs to silly sloths to a mysterious woman behind a cage, some of the work is whimsical, some thoughtful, some provocative. It's all colorful and winds in and out of rooms, and up and down staircases.

The front room used to be a salon but is now a gallery of smaller works for sale. The paintings on the walls will come down when the building comes down in a few months.

The public still has three chances to see the show... click here.

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