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Go Sandboarding in Florence, Oregon

Take to the slopes in shorts and a t-shirt - no snow gear required!

OREGON, USA — Sandboarding is a unique sport that shares many of the elements of snowboarding and surfing, but instead of snow or waves - all you need is sand!

On the Oregon Coast, there is a lot of sand all year-round. The mountains of dunes stretch from Florence to Coos Bay, famously known as the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Park. The Oregon Dunes is the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America.

It is also the best place to learn more about Sand Master Park, the world's first sandboard park. At the park, you can rent boards and go straight for the fun or take sandboarding lessons with an expert in its 40 acres of private sand dunes.

Rider Daniel Cruz says, “We put a light coating of wax on the base of the board, pretty much where your weight is going to be; it acts as a lubricant, so it actually gets deposited in the sand, and the board glides over the top.”

Rider Joey Peterson says, “It’s about the stance, confidence is the key to everything.”

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