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This U District store is filled with gargoyles

Gargoyles Statuary has been in business since 1992, selling all things magical and creative. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Need a gargoyle? We know just the place — Gargoyles Statuary in the U District.

This unique store first opened in 1992, right next to the Paramount Theater.

"It was a Friday the 13th we opened, actually," says owner Gayle Nowicki.

Nowicki's two friends originally owned the store, and then Nowicki took it over six months later. Now, almost thirty years later, Gargoyles Statuary stands proud in the U District, selling any kind of gargoyle you could possibly want.

"I would say [we have] a few hundred easily, and then, you know, we have all sizes," Nowicki says. "Anything from a little baby one to, you know, the big gargoyle we have over here who's too heavy for me to carry over."

And as for the question, why gargoyles?

"They're protectors, traditionally they're on cathedrals all over Europe and they were there to protect the buildings from erosion," says Nowicki. "I think they're beautiful, there's a lot of mixtures of people and animals and just the art is amazing."

Credit: Ellen Meny
Gargoyles Statuary is, as you might expect, filled with gargoyles!

Gargoyles Statuary doesn't just sell gargoyles - there are fountains, doorknockers, crystal decorations, wall hangings, etc. - the list goes on. Nowicki describes their selection of candles, incense and crystals as "comfort stuff for the soul". They also have a robust collection of locally designed clothing, accessories, and art.

You might notice much of the art involves cats - that's because Nowicki is a cat fan just as much as she is a gargoyle fan. Some of the artists even take inspiration from her - you might catch a glimpse of Iris, Nowicki''s cat, in some of the art!

Credit: Ellen Meny
The statuary also sells local art that prominently features cats.

Gargoyles Statuary is easy to get lost in - in the best way. Around every corner, you find something new and strange and wonderful. The store is open for limited in-store shopping, online shopping, and curbside delivery. They also have a  local art show every third Friday.

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