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Smiles behind the masks on the streets of Seattle

It's not just the right thing to do. It can be the fun thing to do. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Cloth face coverings not only help to prevent the spread of Covid-19, now they're the law here in Washington State. If we have to wear face masks, we might as well make the best of them. We masked-up and set out to have some fun in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

Here are some ways to put a smile on your covered face.

-Put words in your friend's mouth: One person tells a story as the other tries to look like they're the one doing the talking.

-Embarrass yourself: The mask provides you with just the anonymity you need to approach a total stranger and tell them something shocking about yourself. 

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-Lip sync made easy: Pick a song, especially one you've never heard before and put on a real show. Lyrical knowledge not required.

-Embarrass a friend: Loudly state something completely ridiculous, then look at your friend in fake surprise, as if they were the one who said it. They'll get the blame and you'll have the fun.  

Happy masking!

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