A Kitsap County native who spent years collecting and developing abandoned rolls of film hopes to connect the photos with the people who took them.

Luke Guidici is a writer and filmmaker who grew up in Bremerton and enjoyed shopping at thrift stores with his sister.

"One Christmas, when my sister and I were both back for the holidays, we were visiting our favorite local thrift stores and I just happened to look in a tub that held a bunch of old 35 MM point and shoot cameras,” he said.

He realized one of the cameras still had film inside and decided to get it developed.

"There's something really interesting and magical about a camera that has exposed film in it,” Guidici said. "No one had ever seen those photos, not even the people who took them."

He spent seven years collecting and developing film from more than 100 cameras. Then he chose 100 of his favorite photos, wrote short stories or poems to accompany them, and published a book called Found in Kitsap.

"I wanted to get them out in the world, I wanted people to appreciate the beauty of them and the beauty in the small moments that were in these photos,” he said.

Up to this point, no one has contacted him to say they recognize anyone in the photos.

"I'd love to reunite the photos with the people in them and the people that took them, and I'd love to be able to find cameras in other places beyond Kitsap County,” Guidici said.

You can follow Guidici’s journey on Facebook, look through more than 1,400 images on his Flickr page, and purchase his book online.

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