SAMMAMISH, Wash — I visited heaven recently.

And when I say heaven, I mean Cindy Congdon's house in Sammamish. Because her house is filled with kittens.

kitten 5
Kittens galore!

Cindy fosters kittens for Purrfect Pals and Seattle Humane. But she's not just a dedicated foster- she also runs the ultra-cute and ultra-successful @foster_kittens Instagram account.

kitten 4
Team Evening tries to provide your daily dose of cuteness as much as we can.

It started in 2013, when Cindy began fostering kittens. When she adopted them out, she wanted a way to show "baby photos" of the kittens to their new families. Thus, @foster_kittens was born. She was one of the first fostering accounts on Instagram.

Now, she has almost half a million followers.

kitten 1
Cindy takes care of the kittens until they're ready to be adopted.

The combination of adorable videos and clever captions delights her followers. But fostering multiple kittens and running a successful Instagram isn't all fun and games- Cindy has a full day of litter box-scooping, kitten-wrangling, and medicine-administering...depending on what her kittens need that day.

kitten 2
All kittens, all the time.

Cindy says if you're thinking about fostering- do it! It's an incredibly rewarding experience, and there are lots of resources out there to help fosters. If you're interested, both Seattle Humane and Purrfect Pals have foster programs.

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