Tacoma,WA — Step into this luxurious, two story, 56-hundred square foot penthouse and you may be just as astonished as owner Lea Armstrong's friends.

“People are really surprised when they come in here,” says Armstrong. “They say 'Wow! There’s such a place like this in downtown Tacoma? Are you kidding? When did this happen?'

Armstrong bought the historic building on Antique Row in the 1990's. She spent more than $4 million on renovations.

“I wanted some legacy for the city,” she said. “Because a lot of people just demolish old buildings and build new buildings which will last 50 or 60 years and then become old buildings.”

Armstrong used the first several floors for her home care business. There are many offices and even a hair salon. Above all that she created a completely customized refuge for herself.

“Yes, the secret penthouse,” says realtor Nicholas Vilvandre.

If it weren't for photographs shot from a drone, the penthouse would still be one of Tacoma's best kept secrets.

“It is really nice and quiet and a very peaceful place,” says Armstrong.

The penthouse has heated tile floors and TV's in every room. There’s a gourmet kitchen with a full set of Viking appliances. The window blinds open and close automatically.

“It is a one-of-a-kind unique property,” says Vilvandre.

The true highlight is a rooftop garden with remarkable views.

“I can see the Cascade Mountains,” says Armstrong. “I can see the whole city. Of course I don't have everything but I feel like I have everything I ever needed. I feel so blessed.”

Now in her mid-70's, Armstrong anticipates a time when the stairs to her garden will seem more daunting.

“It is time for me to look for the right buyer because I don't want to wait to last-minute and rush it,” she says.

The secret Tacoma penthouse: a cozy slice of history just waiting to become a sanctuary for someone new.

Asking price for the office with penthouse is $5,875, 300. The penthouse alone is $2, 895,300.

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