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Federal Way entrepreneur puts a uniquely aquatic spin on lemonade

The concoction is called SMADE because it's a mixture of sea moss and lemonade. #k5evening

Ezon James discovered sea moss while vacationing in Jamaica. He recalls seeing people use it in drinks and touting it's health benefits. 

He decided to do some research, which also included trying sea moss himself and ultimately, that's how the Boss of Sea Moss company was born. 

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is an algae that grows in the Northern Atlantic, the Caribbean and in parts of Europe. 

Kim Kardashian swears by the seaweed and has publicly said it's a regular part of her diet

Some early studies suggest it may boost the immune system and offer some protection against Parkinson's disease. 

Ezon sources his sea moss from the Caribbean.  After cleaning the algae, he soaks it and then blends the product into a gel. 

"People use it in smoothies. I just take it straight. I feel energized.  Some people say they use it for their hair, face, cuts or burns, people think I'm crazy. They say, 'you think this sea moss works for everything'.  I'm like, Hey! let's try!" 

Ezon's SMADE comes in many flavors, like Blueberry, Strawberry, and Mango. But he also sells the gel by itself so customers can apply to their skin or consume it. 

SMADE and other Boss of Sea Moss products can be found here

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