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This Port Orchard farmhouse is also a brewery!

Yoked Farmhouse and Brewery serves six types of beer and hosts themed events like Food Truck Fridays and Science Saturday. #k5evening.

Located in a rural area just outside of Port Orchard sits twenty acres of farmland and a whole lot of quiet. 

You can't hear anything. It's in the middle of nowhere.  

There are wheat fields, a vegetable garden, happy pigs, chickens – and plenty of work.

You can turn your compass in any direction and there's a chore or something to do, farmhand Gary Winn said.

"We grow corn, a lot of squash, beets, peas, berries, beans," farmhand Seth Hanson said.

But there's something else brewing here. 

"We have a brewery here! We decided to start the brewery out here on the farm because it's a perfect location for people just to relax," he said. "It's just very quiet and peaceful." 

It's called Yoked Farmhouse and Brewery.

Three self-described farmhands, Phyllis Tiernan, her son Gary and his friend Seth wanted to bring more people to their farm and decided the way to do that was to sell them beer! 

"It was like, 'Well how do we support a farm?' And the best way to do that is to provide people with beer," Gary said.

"It's a way for community to come together, enjoy this beautiful place and meet people," Phylis said. "We just love being able to do that."

They sell their seasonal food inside the brewery along with six different styles of beer including a Rustic Kolsch and Farmhouse Saison.

"We took that Farmhouse Saison and then we aged it on fresh raspberries picked here," Seth said. 

"It's the most brilliant pink color and delicious," Phyllis said.

"We have our Baltic Porter that's always on tap, we have an Alt Bier then our sixth, is our Seeds of Promise IPA," Seth said. 

They have a cookoff on Wednesday nights, a potluck on Thursdays, and a food truck on Fridays. 

"We also have either Science Saturday and Science Sunday which is taught by a retired science teacher," Seth said.

"We want to be yoked together with the community, we want to be yoked together with each other, we want to have that sense of community and involvement with the community," Phylis said.

For these three, family and community are what it's all about. And, changes the meaning to Farm, and beer, to Table. 

Yoked Farmhouse and Brewery | 523 S.W. Pine Rd., Port Orchard | 253-858-6043 

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