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A new film gives a closer look into Steven Spielberg's adolescence

"The Fabelmans" is out now in local theaters. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Another Steven Spielberg film is hitting movie theatres nationwide. This time, the director gets personal with a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story loosely based on his youth as an aspiring filmmaker. 

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to four of the movie's stars: Paul Dano (Burt Fabelman,) Michelle Williams (Mitzi Fabelman,) Gabriel LaBelle (Sammy Fabelman,) and Seth Rogen (Bennie Loewy.)

HOLCOMB: "He dedicated the film to his parents, so no pressure. When you realize, like your first day on set, this is happening, I am playing these people who mean everything to him, what does your brain go through when you're finally doing it?"

WILLIAMS: "Well, I think it continues when, when the movie screened the other night, and I saw that come up at the end, dedicated to his parents, it just sort of hit me all over again."

DANO: "I told Steven on our last night of filming, when I wrapped it would take me a few years yet to like fully accept that he would ask me to play his father because I might just sort of combust in some way if I really fully, you know, let that in. It was really, really beautiful to get to share such an intimate experience with someone like him."

HOLCOMB: "In your life prior to getting this role, how many people said, 'Oh my God, you look just like Steven Spielberg?'"

LABELLE: "Nobody."

HOLCOMB: "How did you make this work in this film? Because it is. It is wild at some parts."

LABELLE: "The makeup and hair did a really good job. They gave me contact lenses. But I noticed that he had a unique smile that I don't and it's just certain muscles in his lips that move differently than mine. And I spent a few days in the mirror just trying to get that down." 

HOLCOMB: "He's talked about how writing this was therapy for him. Was it cathartic shooting it? Could you see him being affected by things?"

ROGEN: "Oh, yes. He was very emotional outwardly throughout the filming of the entire movie. And it was great. Honestly, it was really beautiful. Like, it's great to work on something where you could tell the person cares so deeply about it. It made everyone like feel even more like they were participating in something that was like special, you know?"

HOLCOMB : "What do you hope audiences leave this film feeling?"

DANO: "We hope that people will just meet the film because it's about family, and we've all got one and I think there's different pieces of all of us in there. We've all had parents, some of us have kids. I know for me, personally, I find it really inspiring on like, an art level like, okay, let's go. Let's go try. You know, let's go out there."

"The Fabelmans" is released in local theaters on Nov. 23. 

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