BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE, Wash. — The town of Beaux Arts Village is a little hidden oasis. It's only a few blocks long, and you might not even realize you've driven through it,  if not for the unique signs dotting the road, and the towering trees above. Lucky, I met up with an expert- Randy Ginn, a Windermere Real Estate agent.

Beaux Arts Village was founded in 1908 by three men who wanted to create an arts colony. It's since grown into a small, quiet town with beautiful houses and a tight-knit community, but the unique spirit still survives.

If you drive around Beaux Arts, you'll find examples of its history. Old street signs decorate some trees. The last names of families line the streets. Even the welcome signs themselves look vintage.

Beaux Arts Village
Beaux Arts Village is a hidden gem near Bellevue.
Ellen Meny

One of the most iconic elements of Beaux Arts is the abundance of trees. The town boasts lush, tall trees that shade the road as you drive through the neighborhood. Residents are passionate about maintaining the trees, so Beaux Arts continues to enjoy a very green area.

Beaux Arts trees
Beaux Arts residents are protective of their towering trees.
Ellen Meny

The centerpiece of Beaux Arts Village is Beaux Arts Village beach, a private beach only accessible to residents and their guests. It's a peaceful, quiet beach with private docks, a swimming area, and plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the view.

Beaux Arts Beach
Beaux Arts Beach is a private beach with a swimming area, a dock, and plenty of room to play.
Ellen Meny

If you're not a resident, Enatai Beach Park is also a popular spot for residents and visitors alike- especially because it's a public beach. Nearby Enatai Park is a small, quiet green space that also boasts a pretty awesome sledding hill. It's also close to Enatai Elementary School, which is a draw for the neighborhood.

Randy Ginn, who showed me around the town, is a sales associate who has been in real estate for more than 29 years. He lives just next to Beaux Arts.

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