SEATTLE — Rain or shine outside, it's always 80 degrees and balmy inside the Tropical Butterfly House at Pacific Science Center.

"The butterflies love the humidity, they love the warmth, and that's what inspires them to fly around, even on the darkest day in Seattle,” said Animal Care Supervisor Lauren Bloomenthal.

On any given week, visitors can spot 20-30 different kinds of butterflies. About a dozen different species are delivered each week, from regions like South America and Southeast Asia.

"Every visit is going to be different and especially throughout the year,” Bloomenthal said. “There are some butterflies we get seasonally, so you're going to get a new experience each time."

They all get their wings in what’s known as the “emergence room” – a temperature-controlled setting where they move from the pupa to adult stage of life.

Visitors can watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis through a window.

Twice a day, adult butterflies are carefully rounded up and relocated to the Butterfly House, where they live out the rest of their two-week lives.

"It's really amazing to see somebody as they enter the Butterfly House for the first time, you just see this look of delight that comes over their face,” Bloomenthal said. "You get to excite people about the natural world and work with really cool animals that sometimes land on you."

Entrance to the Tropical Butterfly House is included in general admission to Pacific Science Center. It's located adjacent to the Seattle Center campus.

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