Write here, write now. That’s what The Letter Farmer wants you to do.

The Letter Farmer is a company that started parking itself around Seattle eight weeks ago.

Owner and creator Rachel Brandzel Weil drives the truck around with one purpose-- get more people to hand write letters.

“When you look at something that comes from your hand, there's so much about your character," said Weil. "What pen do you choose, what paper do you choose? It’s so much more descriptive and authentic of an expression of yourself.”

Weil thinks technology like keyboards and emojis have their place and time, but writing actually hand writing a message creates a deeper connection

"I think people are more mindful and intentional with the words that they choose," said Weil. "You kind of have to own them a little bit more when you're writing them out."

The Letter Farmer provides materials for free, but inside the truck, you can also purchase other stationary too.

The truck will be in Occidental Park from 11 to 2 PM, Wednesdays, Sept. 14th, and 21st.