LOPEZ ISLAND, Wash. — With a short 40 minute flight on Kenmore Air from Seattle to Lopez Island, there's not a lot of time to build up an appetite. But if you come hungry to this jewel in the San Juan's, there's plenty to sink your teeth into. 

Jones Family Farms are known for their meat and fish on the island, but they produce shellfish too. Especially oysters.

"We spawn the oysters here on site." Said Aaron Friend of Jones Family Farms.

"We spawn them here. We raise the larva in a tank till they are ready to set," Friend said. "They spend several weeks to a month in the outside tanks and then we put them out in our lagoon and they will spend 6 to 8 months in our lagoon before we put them on the beach."

After six weeks on the beach the oyster shells harden up and the meat inside gets firm, before they're ready to sell.

"We do retail here during the summer time. So it's nice and everyone seems to like what we sell here." Said Friend.

A short drive down the road takes you to a place that's much more than just a bakery.

"We're in Holly B's Bakery on Lopez Island and we have been here for 37 years," Said Holly Bower, owner of the bakery when Evening first met up with her. "We started feeding some of these people when they were youngsters and now we're feeding their children."

Holly use to sell bread door to door when she was a kid in Seattle. Now she makes the best baked goods on the island.

"Our most popular items are our Cinnamon Rolls. Butter Horns are a close second."

"It's a real honor to greet the visitors and serve them as well as our locals." said Bower. "Nobody is ever unhappy to come into the bakery. It's a happy spot."

If wine is on your mind, Lopez Island Vineyards and Winery has a place worth toasting.

Maggie Nilan and her husband Brent Charnley started the winery back in 1987.

"The vineyard itself is five and a half acres. We've been farming it organically since the very beginning."

The winery puts out between 1,500 and 2,000 cases of wine each year. All of the work being done right here on the island.

"We've won awards consistently over the 25 years or whatever we've been making the wine." Said Nilan.

But for all these two do, they say it couldn't be done without the support of their Lopez neighbors.

"The winery is partly owned by the community as well as our selves. So we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that kind generosity. And I sure feel grateful for it." Said Charnley.

So if you're going to Lopez Island, consider coming up on a flight. But stay, for the food.

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