Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa can't be boxed in. The Eastside BFFs are building their company, called dTOOR, around the idea that there are more than enough rectangles in the world.

Christina is a scientist who's designed parts for nuclear subs and helped create the pharmaceuticals used to treat AIDS. Now, she's the inventor of the world's first circular phone, the Cyrcle.

“We build non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people.”

Linda is the marketing force behind this company that hopes to change the shape of technology.

Christina and Linda want to create products better-suited for female fashion than what's on the market today.

They call it feminine-forward design and their prototype mobile device already gained attention overseas during a recent European trade show.

Christina is leading, "Build a Phone", classes for do-it-yourselfers.

And as they move beyond these 3D-printed prototypes, they hope to make the product slimmer, circularize the screen itself, and offer endless design options.

Who knows? Someday your phone may be as well-rounded as the local company that invented it.