SEATTLE — The movie Downhill was filmed at a real resort in the real Austrian Alps and required the cast to do some real skiing.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell had no qualms hitting the slopes.

But others weren't as enthusiastic about the winter sport.

Kim Holcomb chatted with the cast about their skiing skills.

HOLCOMB: "I'm embarrassed to admit based on where I live, and we are obviously surrounded by mountains, that I don't ski or snowboard.”

ZACH WOODS: “God bless you.”

HOLCOMB: “I’m terrible.”

ZOE CHAO: “Same.”

WOODS: "It's a stupid thing to do.”

HOLCOMB: “It's cold, it hurts when you fall.”

WOODS: “Let's put two long, unsupported sleds on each of our feet? I think skiing is a conspiracy by orthopedic surgeons to generate business for themselves.”

HOLCOMB: "Is there anything that you don't do, that everyone else seems to love, but it's just not for you?" 

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS: "I don't karaoke. And I don't understand karaoke.”

WILL FERRELL: “Does anyone habitually karaoke, though?”


DREYFUS: “Get out of town. Really?"

FERRELL: "I always drive along and think, 'That song should be my karaoke song.’”

HOLCOMB: “But you never do it?”

FARRELL: “I never do it, and I never remember the song."

DREYFUS: "And do you have favorite go-to songs?”

HOLCOMB: “Bust a Move by Young MC.”

DREYFUS: “Nice."

Downhill is rated R and opens in theaters February 14.

Travel and accommodations by Searchlight Pictures.

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