SEATTLE — Children brought their favorite pets to the KING 5 studios and Evening's Jim Dever learned all about them.

Neve introduced us to her cat named Zane.

Jim:  Does he have any superpowers?
Neve:  Um, probably laziness.
Jim:  That's my superpower, too.

Neela told us about her little dog, Nori.

Jim:  Does he do any tricks?
Neela:  He pees inside.

Chloe's friend, Mustard, came in a fishbowl.

Chloe:  Cats live 9 lives.
Jim: How many lives do fish have?
Chloe:  They just die.

Emerson and Harper told us about their three-legged cat, Monkey.

Jim:  What is Monkey scared of?
Emerson: She hates the vet now.
Jim:  Well, yeah, because he took her leg. And did not give it back, apparently.

Some of the children who joined us are courtesy of TCM Models and Talent. KING 5's Evening celebrates the Northwest. Contact us: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email.