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Thanksgiving Dinner Cake is real and you can find it in Seattle's Central District

The savory cake is a starchy extravaganza available at Raised Doughnuts Nov. 21-22. #k5evening

SEATTLE — EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was shot prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For anyone who prefers savory foods over sweets, there’s a dream dessert available in the Central District.

It’s called the Dinner Cake – a starchy extravaganza, made with traditional side dishes, layered and baked to perfection inside Raised Doughnuts.

Owner and pastry chef Mi Kim expanded her brand to include cakes in 2019. Most of them are sweet. But she likes to take chances.

"Once you make one good thing in this industry, you have to keep making it over and over again. So I wanted to keep our sanity by always having fun and keeping that creative aspect in baking,” she said.

The Dinner Cake seemed a perfect way to celebrate the holidays.

It starts with a layer of honey butter cornbread. Then Kim adds a layer of macaroni and cheese (made from scratch) and a layer of house-made mashed potatoes. She also “ices” the cake with potatoes and tops it off with a generous drizzle of gravy.

It quickly became a customer favorite.

"At first, it's shock of course. But once you realize what's in it, it's all basic stuff and people love it,” she said. “And once you try it, you're just that much more sold."

Dinner cakes are available by the slice at Raised Doughnuts and Cakes Nov. 20 and 21. Pre-ordering is recommended. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was shot prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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