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CUTE ALERT: These 8 baby animal stories will melt your heart

Puppies and kittens and piglets OH MY! Just a few of Team Evening's favorite stories on our adorable furry friends.

Everyone can agree that baby animals are some of the cutest living things on the planet. They are often small, soft, big-eyed and playful... and we just can't resist their lil' faces. From kittens and puppies to reindeer and goats, we're here to show off some of the most ADORABLE baby animals (and baby animal-related activities) in Washington state.

Animal lovers everywhere please continue reading -- but be forewarned! The following stories might just melt your heart.

Yoga with puppies

Heaven really is a place on Earth, and it's at Strive & Uplift Gym in Ballard. Because puppies. And yoga. COMBINED. Unfortunately, there's no set schedule for puppy yoga sessions because Bravepup, the puppy nonprofit they partner with, gets new puppies on a case-by-case basis. But you can follow the gym's Facebook page for updates.

FULL STORY | Puppy Yoga is the best thing ever and it's in Ballard

Yoga with goats

The relaxation sessions don't end with puppies. At Stone City Farm, you can find nirvana during yoga with baby goats! They'll jump all over you and might nibble on your hair... but that's okay because they're so CUTE. Sure, there may be easier ways to find enlightenment, but no better way to have fun. 

FULL STORY | You can find nirvana with baby goats at this Tenino farm

Baby goat date

What's your ideal date? Dinner and drinks? A romantic night in? A trip to the movies? Trick question. None of those are your ideal date. Your ideal date...is a Baby Goat Date. And it happens every spring in Maple Valley with Puget Sound Goat Rescue. That's right -- you get a glorious 2 hours with baby goats for 2 people. They announce dates online each fall, but act quick because they sell out fast.

FULL STORY | A Baby Goat Date might be the best date you ever go on

Puppies for rent

Not only are Seattle non-profit Bravepup's puppies adoptable, but they're also RENTABLE. That's right -- you can apply to bring a bunch of puppies right into your workplace. The puppies come from high-kill shelters in the South to find loving homes in Washington state. To learn more, make a donation, or request a puppy visit, check out the Bravepup website.

FULL STORY | The Seattle non-profit that lets you rent real-life puppies

Baby reindeer boom

Springtime at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm is busier than Christmas at the North Pole. In May 2019, the staff experienced not ONE, not TWO, but SIX baby reindeer births (and two more are on the way)! It's the only reindeer farm in the lower 48 that's open to the public year-round, so check 'em out!

FULL STORY | Baby boom at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

Bunny and piglets galore

This batch of baby bunnies, kittens and piglets are likely the most popular attractions at Issaquah's Fox Hollow Farm. And cue our hearts exploding. Easter is their most popular time of the year (they hide OVER 40,000 eggs for kids to find), but visitors are welcome throughout spring, summer and some of fall.

FULL STORY | Baby animals galore at Fox Hollow Farm

Kitten foster mom

Cindy Congdon's house in Sammamish is heaven. Because her house is filled with... KITTENS! She's a kitten foster mom who started the ultra-cute @foster_kittens Instagram account originally to show baby photos of the kittens to their new families... But now, she has nearly half a million followers. She says fostering is super rewarding, and if you're interested both Seattle Humane and Purrfect Pals have foster programs.

FULL STORY | Meet the woman behind the @foster_kittens Instagram account

Animals tour nursing homes

Bring in the bunnies and mini horses! The animals of Visiting Hooves have made over 250 visits to nursing homes in the past three years. Professional horse trainer Victoria Smith got the idea after seeing how lonely some of the residents of her parents' nursing home looked. But after visits from these furry friends, residents are always left with smiles on their faces. 

FULL STORY | Visiting Hooves' mini-horses and fuzzy bunnies bring joy to nursing home residents

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