RENTON, Wash. — "Cruz the Loop" rolls through Renton this weekend. The first-ever event celebrates what was shut down by the city not too long ago.

For decades teens would gather with friends and their shiny cars to roll through the streets past the high school.

"It used to take us three hours to get around this little loop that's usually a minute and a half. It was a lot of fun," said cruiser George Stahl.

Renton's current mayor was one of them, too.

"I can't tell you all I used to do, but we did cruise the loop," said Mayor Denis Law, who used to come from Seattle for the fun.

He worked behind the scenes to bring back the idea through an organized, family festival.

"They're going to be a bunch of guys that have to be back to the home by six. It's not gonna be a big problem. So, I'm not concerned about the outcome of this event," he said.

George met his wife Stacy while cruisin.'

"I pulled off to get a burger. And she was over in the parking lot," said George.

They'll celebrate 38 years of marriage this fall and they'll cruise in a Mustang convertible Saturday with their seven kids and seven grandchildren.

"We've had a wonderful life. A lot of memories from down here," said Stacy.

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