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Inspired by Cruella's style? Five tips to achieve the look

Seattle makeup artist Kendra Springer shares ways to capture the essence of the Disney film. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Disney’s "Cruella" is wickedly funny and smart - but if you watch it just for the style, no one would blame you.

The live-action origin story of the "101 Dalmatians" character stars Emma Stone, and is set in 1970’s punk rock London.

"The looks are incredible. I love that she's portrayed from an Alexander McQueen (perspective,) he's such an icon,” said Seattle makeup artist Kendra Springer. "'70's grunge punk is like a makeup artist's dream, it's so amazing. This is definitely going to be one of those movies makeup artists remember and are so inspired by."

Springer - who specializes in non-toxic makeup - is convinced anyone can pull off a look inspired by the film, whether as a costumed character or in real life.

She shared tips on making it work:

  • Layer! To give eyes the kind of blown-out shapes popular in the era, you’ll need eye shadow shades in cool and dark tones. Springer suggests priming the eyelids with shades of gray to “map out” desired shapes, then layer black pencil and powder over them. Blend, layer, and blend some more until the shapes and shading look right.
  • Texture! Creating something dynamic and dimensional requires different materials and tools. Springer used pencil liner, liquid liner, powders and more to create the look. She also said you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box, like drawing shapes with eyeliner that are nowhere near the eye line.

  • Intricate details! Even blown-out shapes can have structure. Springer recommends investing in a very thin brush to create the details, which will save you time on clean-up. (But if you do need to fix your work, simply wet a brush with makeup remover and use it like an eraser.)

  • Red lip! Both timeless and punk rock, the right red lip can set off an entire look. Springer recommends using a brush rather than a tube for application, and always make sure the lipstick fills out the entire lip.
  • Matte! Traditional ‘70’s punk era looks treated skin to have a matte finish. Personally, Springer prefers “dewy” which can give the look a modern twist.

"Cruella" is rated PG-13 and is now available on Bluray and DVD. 

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