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What you need to know before you bite into these irresistible Olympia made treats

They look great, but the biscotti, the cookies, even the doughnuts weren't baked for you. #k5evening

OLYMPIA, Wash — Disclaimer: This episode is an encore presentation of KING 5's Evening.

“I am a big baker,” says Lenore Cuskelly. “I have a big background in the food industry.”

With thirty years of cooking experience in some of Olympia's finest restaurants, Cuskelly never skimps on her baking ingredients.

“The biscotti have sweet potatoes and fresh fennel bulbs,” she points out.

She makes mouth-watering snacks that come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes, like zombie cookies with heart hand-painted using cranberry sauce.

“When I create a new recipe I go with what would I want to eat,” she says. 

 They look so tasty, but before you take a bite you should probably know the treats Cuskelly bakes are for pets.

 “Just about every customer thinks they’re for people at first glance,” she says.

At farmer's markets from Olympia to Seattle, people have made that mistake. Even at The Pet Works in Olympia, a store with the word “pet” in its name, people have nibbled on the doggie doughnuts and sampled brownies made by Cuskelly’s Crossed Paws Bakery.

Store manager Heather Spradlin says even though she knows the treats are for pets, they’re pretty tempting.

 “The ones we have on the counter right now are drumsticks,” she says. “To me, they smell like fried chicken and every now and then I smell food and I'm like ‘Why am I hungry?’”

Maybe because the ingredients are all human-grade quality. At Crossed Paws Bakery, just be warned your dogs might not be the only ones begging for a treat.

Disclaimer: This episode is an encore presentation of KING 5's Evening.

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