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Craig Robinson will make you want to hug a shark in 'The Bad Guys'

The new comedy by DreamWorks Animation opens in theaters April 22. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Known for his roles in "The Office" and a myriad of comedy films, Craig Robinson can now add “great white shark” to his credits.

He voiced the character Mr. Shark in “The Bad Guys,” the new animated comedy from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures.

Based on a best-selling children's book series, the film follows a gang of “scary” animals (including a wolf, snake, and piranha) who must decide if they’re bad or good.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to Robinson about the role.

HOLCOMB: "Is it safe to assume now that instead of Shark Week, it's going to be Craig Robinson week?”

ROBINSON: “Let's go with that.” (laughter)

HOLCOMB: "You'll be the nicest great white they've ever featured on the channel.”

ROBINSON: “He is a lovable character, I'll say that much."

HOLCOMB: "I love, too, that he is described as a master of disguise. He just disappeared when he dressed up as a woman, I had no idea it was him anymore.”

ROBINSON: “He disappeared, you don't know it's him. That's his thing."

HOLCOMB: "When you go out in public, I imagine that you get recognized a lot. Do you ever have those days where you're like, 'I can't. I just want to go to the store and buy some orange juice.' Can you put on a hat and sunglasses? Can you disguise yourself when you go out?”

ROBINSON: “It's hard, it's hard. I don't know that it can happen. I say this as humbly as I can — I think there's the aura as well.”


ROBINSON: "If they don't recognize me, maybe I've got on a ski mask, who knows? They don’t recognize me and are still coming close to me.”

HOLCOMB: "I know that the vast majority of voice sessions were recorded remotely during the pandemic. Be honest, did you do the same thing most of us do where you were looking in the background of your co-stars houses to see what they looked like?"

ROBINSON: "1,000%. But I mostly am looking at my own face, it's the weirdest thing. It's always something to fix, where I'm like (gestures around hair and face.)"

HOLCOMB: "Mr. Shark, as mentioned, very sweet. Huge heart. But willing to literally fight to the death over a push-pop. I'm curious, what food would you do the same for? Like me, a burrito, do not take my burrito."

ROBINSON: "Probably some cheese and caramel popcorn from Garrett Chicago."

HOLCOMB: “Craig, thank you so much. Great to see you.”

ROBINSON: “Go say hi to the troll under the bridge.”

HOLCOMB: “You have to come back here and play some clubs around here again soon.”

ROBINSON: “Absolutely. Bye, Seattle."

“The Bad Guys” is rated PG and opened in theaters April 22. It's available on Blu-Ray now. 

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