SEATTLE — Comedy is a funny thing - if you're doing it right. Improv artists know how to pull laughs out of thin air. But can KING 5 Evening's Jim Dever keep up with the local kings and queens of comedy?

"It's harder than it looks," Dever said.

Alex Grindeland is the founder of CSz Seattle, an improv group that stages friendly competitions known as ComedySportz.

"I want you to be nervous," Grindeland said. "The 'nervous' feeds the energy of the show."

Dever joined Grindeland's blue team, facing off against the laughmasters in red.

Grindeland said, "ComedySportz is competitive team improv comedy."

The two teams went head-to-head in a series of challenges, using completely random input from the live audience.

"Very audience-interactive," Grindeland explained. "It's based on their suggestions."

There's no script. And there's no turning back. Luckily, failure is part of the fun.

A game called Tinder Swipe requires players to create characters looking for a date. A volunteer audience member swipes right to strike up a conversation, left to send the player home.

In the end, Dever's Blue Team falls to the opponents in red. No worries. With ComedySportz, everyone's a winner, especially the audience.

"A fun thing for a whole wide range of people," Grindeland said. "And it's a great time."

CSz Seattle stages improv and ComedySportz entertainment on their Fremont stage, as well as improv classes and traveling demonstrations for private events.

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