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New comedy 'Joy Ride' is based in Western Washington and filmed in the PNW

The R-rated comedy follows a group of friends on a trip to China, in search of themselves. #k5evening

SEATTLE — The outrageous R-rated comedy “Joy Ride” has two big connections to the Pacific Northwest: it’s based in Western Washington and was filmed entirely in Vancouver, B.C.

Reminiscent of “Bridesmaids” and “The Hangover,” the movie stars an all-Asian cast. It follows best friends from the Seattle area who, along with two other friends, take a trip to China. Everything that can go wrong does – in shocking, provocative and hilarious ways.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to the four stars: Ashley Park (Audrey,) Sherry Cola (Lolo,) Sabrina Wu (Deadeye,) and Oscar winner Stephanie Hsu (Kat.)

HOLCOMB: “I’m from Seattle…”

COLA AND PARK: "Seattle!”

HOLCOMB: “You even say 'Snohomish' in the movie, and not everyone knows Snohomish!”

COLA: “Representation matters."

HSU: "We have a secret that the whole movie was shot in Vancouver - the Canada of Seattle.”

WU: “The best part of China is the Cascade Mountains. (laughter) I did have a nice layover in Seattle and I even bought a Sub Pop hat.”

HOLCOMB: “That merch is the best, as is the label.”

WU: “Of course, and everywhere I go people are like, 'Sub Pop!' Cool indie boys are obsessed with me now."

HOLCOMB: "When you first read the script, were you like 'We're doing this?' Or, 'We're doing this!'”

HSU: “I guess I have a sick brain. I was like, 'Yeah, we're doing this!'”

WU: “I was like, 'We're doing this???'"

HOLCOMB: “Based on how this movie opens, were you like, ‘Oh we are going to have to bring it,’ because it opens so strong with those kids?”

COLA: “They definitely set the tone, for sure.”

PARK: "Every time we've watched it with an audience, there's always this anticipation of, ‘What's this gonna be’… until there's that punch. Then everyone's like, ‘Oh we're in for the ride, the joy ride.’”

HOLCOMB: "How many takes did it require when Sabrina did their ‘dead eye,’ without someone breaking up?"

HSU: "Wait, that's a great question! Because I literally could not stop laughing, and I made Sabrina turn around, and I acted to the back of their head."

HOLCOMB: “Since you have done so much press and you’ve been all over the place, you have gotten to know each other vis a vis travel. Which of you rolls with the punches best?"

STEPHANIE: “I think it's Sherry."

PARK: "I'll just fall asleep. If there's a punch, I'll be like (sleeps)."

HOLCOMB: "Who is most likely to find the best place for food and or drinks?”

WU: “Ooh, interesting. I think it's Stephanie."

HOLCOMB: "Who makes the most new friends?”

HSU AND WU: “Sherry. (laughter)."

COLA: “I'm ‘honey’ this, ‘honey’ that."

PARK: "Sherry will be like, 'My love, my love, my love - where was your mother born? Also, can we get some more bread sticks?'”

COLA: “Oh yeah, I sugar coat things. (laughter)."

HOLCOMB: "Who packs the most obscene amount of luggage?”

HSU: “Ashley."

PARK: "I actually think I've gotten way better at it!"

HOLCOMB: "This is a bit of a set-up question, but who's the most likely to beat box?"

WU: "Oh… I think it's, like, Ashley? Ashley does it.”

HSU: “And, 5, 6, 7, 8…”

WU: (starts beat boxing.)

“Joy Ride” is rated R and is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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