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KING 5 Evening's Jose Cedeno and Team Seattle started Leg 4 of the Clipper Round the World Race in Western Australia. After days on the water, they know how the boat can get when the weather is bad.

But when there aren't winds, the waters are calm, and the atmosphere is less hectic. You get the feeling that time stops and have hours to reflect on the journey and life.

The people are also a big part of what makes for a great voyage.

"Luckily, we have some amazing crew members that make sure morale is high and life is not taken too seriously," said Lyndsay Barnes.

After weeks on the open ocean, you know the journey is coming to an end when you see land. The endpoint of  Eastern Australia is finally in sight.

"Not many people get out in the Southern Ocean, out in the middle of the Atlantic, cross the equator. To be out here and see the things that we've seen, it's just been an all-around amazing experience," said David Hartshorn, Team Seattle's Skipper. 

From rough waters to sunny days to starry nights, it's truly the trip of the lifetime.

"It will change you," said Lyndsay. "You will meet some amazing people and you will learn a lot about yourself. I will say if you are thinking about doing it, do it."

Jose started Leg 4 of the race to learn more about sailing in the open ocean. What he didn't know was how much he'd learn about humans, friendships, and how lucky we are to live in this world.

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