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Gardening tips with Ciscoe: Home-grown produce

Gardening guru Ciscoe Morris tells us how to care for our berries & veggies and answers this age-old question: Why is Ciscoe so dang cute?!

KING 5's Evening took to Facebook to ask viewers what questions they had for gardening guru Ciscoe Morris -- and many of them revolved around home-grown produce! He shares there are multiple benefits to becoming your own producer farmer -- whether you're an avid gardener or a beginner.

"Well you know, it's really wonderful that people are growing their own veggies. You don't have to go to the store, you know exactly what fertilizers in them," he said. "And it's a great way to teach your kids how to garden!"

Viewer Michelle McGreen wanted tips on veggie container gardening. His biggest tip?

"Every day you gotta get out there and water it! There's a lot of plants in there they can dry out quick if you don't make sure they've got enough moisture.

Ciscoe showed us his own salad container -- filled with mustard greens, bush peas and arugula, the last of which he says is his favorite. He says the flowers from mustard greens go great in salads, and uses stakes for bush pea tendrils to grip to!

Credit: KINGTV
Use stakes to support your bush peas!

Arlene Tholl Murphy had another question for Ciscoe: What variety of blueberry plant is the sweetest? Answer? Sunshine Blue.

"It's great for a container, and it has the sweetest berries you've ever had! It's evergreen to boot."

Finally, Lisa Brandemeier wants to know: Why is Ciscoe so dang cute?

"Well, I'll tell the truth. It's brussels sprouts! Eating these is not only the reason I'm so cute, but it's also the reason I'm so intelligent, and buff. Oh, la la!"

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