SEATTLE — In the world of Onward, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland lend their voices to elvish brothers who embark on a quest.

But instead riding noble steeds, their transportation comes in the form of an old van equipped with a well-used tape player.

So, what road trip cassette would the stars choose?

HOLLAND: “What's a cassette?”

PRATT: (laughs) “What a jerk."

HOLLAND: "Do you know what I used to have on cassette that I used to love? I had the Harry Potter audio books. I used to love those.”

PRATT: “That's good. This morning on the way to school, I introduced (my son) Jack to Jimi Hendrix. This was the first time, I was like, 'Listen, Jack.'”

HOLLAND: “Was he impressed? It's hard not to be.”

PRATT: “I think he was impressed. He was listening to it. He was curious. He loves electric guitar. But I'm waiting to hear back. He likes to process things, which is good. He's not the guy who's just going to be effusive, he's like, ‘All right, let me take this in.’"

Chris Pratt
We gave Pratt and Holland matching t-shirts from Lake Stevens High School, Pratt's alma mater.

Both Pratt and Holland have brothers in real life, and they’re all close. Pratt once said he used to take his older brother Cully’s clothing off the floor and wear it.

With that in mind, we brought Holland and Pratt gifts: matching t-shirts from Lake Stevens High School.

PRATT: “Oh that's my high school!"

HOLLAND: "No way!"

Onward is rated PG and opens in theaters March 6.

Travel and accommodations provided by Disney.

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