Ever wanted to eat as much chocolate as you wanted day in and day out?

That's one woman’s job.

"I taste chocolate every day and I never get tired of it, I've been doing it now for 37 years. It just makes me happy,” said Fran Bigelow.

Seattle's Fran Bigelow is a big name in chocolate mainly because of these cult confections -- just Google President Obama and salted caramel.

These artisan chocolates with a sprinkle of smoked sea salt are POTUS' confection of choice.

Fran has been handcrafting chocolates since 1982 and she really truly does taste the stuff every day for quality control.

"When you taste that chocolate, it snaps, gives you that wonderful feeling, and inside it has this soft, luscious chocolate filling,” said Fran.

She also pulls candies off the line and slices them to make sure they're perfectly proportioned.

"perfectly dark, smooth center, it's just gonna melt in your mouth,” said Fran.

And a slice always ends with a taste.

It's not all truffle tasting. Sometimes Fran has to drink chocolate. Her chef, Scott Carnsberg, says the secret to perfect drinking chocolate is simple.

"The key to great drinking chocolate is 80 percent chocolate, 20 percent milk,” said Carnsberg.

This brand new Georgetown location is testament to Fran's success -- visitors can watch candy being made, then buy it here. And of course, one of the perks is all you can eat… Well, you know.

"Yes, all Fran's employees eat a lot of chocolate all the time,” said employee Mike Friedhoff. “And we love it."

Despite this decadence, Fran's favorite part of running a chocolate factory isn't sampling the wares.

It's running this business with her kids Dylan and Adrina Bigelow

"It's wonderful, I can't believe they're carrying on the tradition,” said Fran. “I think it's a real testament to their love for chocolate.”

Fran Bigelow is enjoying the sweet life because she's making life sweeter for us all, one truffle at a time.

"I think that's the most rewarding because then you get the feeling that you really are doing something people really appreciate,” said Fran.

We've got some good news -- you can go to Fran's and eat chocolates, for free, too!

They let you sample in the show room -- that's what they do with all of the truffles that don't look perfect.

But they still taste amazing.

Fran's Chocolate

(206) 508-4535

5900 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108