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Chill in an Airstream in Walla Walla

Awesome Airstreams: Chillville is the coolest trailer park around.
New Airstream camper at Walla Walla's coolest getaway.

WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Chillville is a gleaming getaway. A trailer park full of shiny Airstream trailers that anyone can stay in.

"Chillville is, I call it an Airstream camp hotel at the airport in Walla Walla Washington," said Zibby Wilder, part owner and Chief of Chill.

It's been open since 2014, and people pay from 120 to 175 dollars a night to relax in these trailers that they don't have to tow.

"They're iconic. And what's better than having a camping experience where you're staying in a beautiful iconic trailer, and you've got four wineries and a brewery 300 feet away?" said Wilder.

Two trailers are used, four are new, and they all have names -- including a '76 model named Farrah, complete with a photo of the blonde icon inside.

The other used Airstream was once Kyle MacLachlan's Twin Peaks set trailer. Her name? Diane.

Wilder doesn't have any special deals worked out with the manufacturer -- she bought the trailers at full retail. But she probably deserves a commission:

"But I will say this. I think I am the best Airstream salesperson in Washington State," she explained that people often come to Chillville to see if they like the trailers, then go on to buy one of their own.

Chillville also has free bikes for guests to use, a Patanque court, and a central BBQ for gathering. Plus, there are a couple of camp sites for people towing their own trailers.

The queen of this trailer court says she's never worked so hard in her life as she has building this place, but seeing guests enjoy a bit of leisure makes it worth the effort.

"I think for me it's rewarding to see people come here, and take a couple days off, and get to relax."

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