SEATTLE -- The sound of a metronome sets the pace for an easy jog around a Green Lake track. Coach Beth Cline uses the click, click, click to help her clients run pain free.

"Like you're in the flow, your posture is good and everything is aligned and it's just easy," said Cline.

Cline teaches Chi Running, a technique that blends the principals of Tai chi with running .

"It's being inside your body rather than outside of it," said Cline. "Most people put on headphones and distract themselves while they run versus really paying attention to your footfall. What are your legs doing? What are your feet doing? Where is the tension in the body?"

There's a mentality among many joggers that you have to work through pain while running. Cline admits, she's been there done that.

"I ran through knee pain and lost toe nails," said Cline.

After embracing Chi Running and her injuries went away, Cline began coaching. An analysis of form is her first step to getting runners in synch. From there it's all about leaning forward, adjusting your footfall and practicing.

Betty Boudwin, who learned Chi Running from Cline said, "You're more upright and you're leaning more from your ankles than from your hips."

Another client, Mark Scott said, "I do those things and just visualize them in my mind, and my God, I'm running faster".