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Winemaker Charles Smith's rock 'n' roll tour of Georgetown - Welcome To My Neighborhood

From vino to vinyl, his favorite places to eat, drink and unwind

SEATTLE — His name tops the West Coast's largest urban winery, an old Dr. Pepper plant at the edge of Boeing Field.

"I make wine for everybody, and everybody here is welcome," says winemaker Charles Smith.

Smith produces some of the world's highest-rated wines, including his very latest, a sparkling Chardonnay called "POPUP."

With his wild mane of hair and freewheeling sense of humor, Smith is the rock 'n' roll vintner of Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. And as a former indie band manager, Charles has an ear for adventure.

He trusts Georgetown Records' staff to pick out the best music he's never heard.

"Don't even ask me. I want a surprise," Smith tells the store clerk, Russ. 

Just down the street from Seattle's oldest bar, Jules Maes, Fran's Chocolates occupies the historic brewery building, former home of Ranier Beer.

"I have a little 7-year-old," Smith explains. "Her name is Charlotte. So I'll come here to get some chocolates to take home."

Just across the street, we pop in to one of Charles' favorite hangouts, Star Brass Works Lounge.

On any given Sunday, this place is gripped in football fever.

"There's a couple of guys with big huge number 12 flags, Seahawk flags, and when they score they run back and forth across the bar," Smith says.

Our last stop is Slim's Last Chance. It's a hipster haven, cool as ice, with chili hot as fire. A tasty way to wrap up our tour of one of Seattle's spiciest neighborhoods.

Smith raises his glass.

"Here's to Georgetown." 

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