Bellevue,WA - A new exhibit at Bellevue Arts Museum celebrates the fashions of the counterculture. It's curated by Seattle designer Michael Cepress who says some of those so-called "hippie fashions" just might make a come back.

"This is the power of taking a craft into your own hands and just going full force with it," says Cepress, "hand-painting your own clothing, covering every square inch of your clothing with colorful, multi-colored, psychedelic satin stitch and embroidery and studded denim. It's kind of do it yourself, but taken to an extreme."

Extreme times called for extreme fashions so in the late 60's and early 70's, wearing clothes manufactured in factories by "The Man" was no way to express yourself. Cepress' own designs echo the D-I-Y feel of that era.

"It's taking that artistry in your own hands and bringing it into your own world and your own wardrobe, by way of your gifts and talents." he says.

The Counter Couture exhibit runs at The Bellevue Arts Museum through January 10.