Cat Yoga. It's a thing according to Naomi Provost, a Purrista at Seattle’s only cat café.

"You should all come to cat yoga right meow. Because it is purrfect,” Provost said.

Feline Flow at Seattle Meowtropolitan is the cat's meow for folks like Sabra Zara.

"I love yoga, I love cats, so it's the perfect evening,” Zara said.

The first question everyone has about cat yoga is if downward dog is allowed.

The answer is yes. The cats even occasionally do that pose. Cat Yoga inspires new poses as well, like Fat Cat Sat on the Mat.

Provost said the cats are definitely more flexible than the humans.

One thing is clear, the cats are in charge. It’s an unspoken rule that when a cat climbs up and gets comfy on your body in this class, you hold the pose. Until the cat decides to leave.

The cats really seem to enjoy any pose that involves humans laying down.

Their chief yogic skill involves settling comfortably into inconvenient spots and doing pretty much whatever they want.

“This is a very lighthearted exercise that I think everybody can enjoy,” said café owner Andrew Hseih. “I think yoga and looking at cats and being around cats is obviously very relaxing as well.”

Cat Yoga clearly has a calming effect on the humans. Yet, what do the cats think about 'Feline Flow?'

No big deal. After all, they've been practicing it for a while.

Cat Yoga is currently Tuesdays and Thursday at 8:30 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 a.m., and costs $20 a person.

To register for a session click here.

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