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Cast of 'Ted Lasso' talks new season and standup show in Seattle

Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, and Nick Mohammed return to the hit series on March 15. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Global phenomenon series “Ted Lasso” is back with more challenges, hope, love, and laughter for AFC Richmond.

As the team returns to the pitch in Season 3, owner Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) face projections they’ll finish the season in last place. Coach Lasso (Jason Sudekis) struggles with separation from his family. Nate (Nick Mohammed) has changed from a lovable underdog assistant coach into a mean-spirited head coach of an opposing team. Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) is undecided about his relationship with Keely.

And that’s all made clear in the first episode.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked with some of the stars about their time on the series, what to expect in the much-anticipated new season, and Goldstein’s sold-out show in Seattle on April 8.

GOLDSTEIN: "It's an experiment to see if I could do this show at places in America and I hear Seattle is very cool and the audiences there are great, I've been told that by many comics — and it's not insanely far away."

WADDINGHAM: "He's banned me from going to any of his bloody standup!”

HOLCOMB: “What?!?”

WADDINGHAM: "I go, 'Darling, I'll wear a disguise.' He's like, 'People will still recognize you Han, and then they'll be looking around at you for your reaction.' Yeah, I'm banned."

HOLCOMB: "After three seasons, roughly how many biscuits have you consumed?”

WADDINGHAM: “I am mostly biscuit. Because that's kind of (Rebecca’s) emotional support crutch.”

HOLCOMB: “It totally is. Some people have emotional support pets…”

WADDINGHAM: “I have biscuits."

HOLCOMB: "(Nick,) please tell me people are nice to you in real life? They know you're just playing a character?"

MOHAMMED: "Yes, well to a degree — yes, when people come up to me on the street, definitely they are very nice. Social media does what it does. So there are a handful of people who can't quite see the difference between the actor and the character, but on the whole, people do."

HOLCOMB: "Who gives the best hugs?”

WADDINGHAM: “Juju. Juno Temple (who plays Keely.) Oh my god, she smells so good it's actually ridiculous."

HOLCOMB: "Who is most likely to make you crack during a take?”

WADDINGHAM: “Oh 100% Nick Mohammed, he's a pain in the backside — we can't do scenes together."

MOHAMMED: "We're such a close family now, it's been worth it just to work and be friends with them, really. I hope it will stand the test of time because there's such a positive message behind it and thematically there's themes of hope and kindness and optimism at the core.”

Season 3 of “Ted Lasso” debuts on Apple TV+ March 15.

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