SEATTLE — The fictional Starcourt Mall is a centerpiece of Stranger Things Season three and it feels authentically like 1985. 

None of the young cast grew up in that decade - but they researched for their roles. Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb tested their knowledge about popular stores and products from the '80's.

HOLCOMB: "These were things that you could buy at a mall. What were you buying if you bought Teen Beat?”


HOLCOMB: “She nailed it right away, very good! What about Teddy Ruxpin?”

PRIAH FERGUSON: “A piece of clothing, a clothing fashion?”

HOLCOMB: “He was a weird teddy bear that talked. What about P.S. Gitano?”


BROWN: “Guitar?"

HOLCOMB: "Jeans. And they are such '80's jeans.”

NOAH SCHNAPP: “I was going to say that!"

HOLCOMB: "If you were going into one of these stores, what would you be buying? Chess King..."

CHARLIE HEATON: "Games, like arcade games?" 

HOLCOMB: "That was a good guess, it was clothing.”

NATALIA DYER: “What kind of clothing?”

HOLCOMB: “For men, if you wanted to look cool from a John Hughes film back in the day. How about Squire Shop?"

CALEB MCLAUGHLIN: "I feel like it sold fragrance or something."

DACRE MONTGOMERY: "Squire Shop. Sounds quite dapper. Like men's suiting attire?"

HOLCOMB: "Yes! How about Olan Mills?”

SADIE SINK: “That sounds like a bookstore.”

MCLAUGHLIN: "I'm going to go with jewelry.”

HOLCOMB: “Portrait Studio. Those really ridiculous '80's photos with the families. What about B. Dalton?"

MONTGOMERY: “B. Dalton. Is it eyewear?”

HOLCOMB: “No, it was books – but you might need eyewear in order to read what it sells.”

MONTGOMERY: “I love that you're giving me points.”

HOLCOMB: “I'm trying to give you points here." 

HEATON: "Just give us one more.”

HOLCOMB: "The Wherehouse.”

HEATON: “Furniture."


DYER: “Shoes.”

HOLCOMB: “No. Records.”

DYER: "I'm just obsessed with shoes."

They may not have aced the quiz, but the cast's performances will transport audiences right back to the '80's - a nostalgic trip well worth taking.

Stranger Things S3 is now streaming on Netlfix.

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