When it was released in theaters 2004, The Incredibles was heroic hit with both fans and critics, and an Incredibles 2 seemed inevitable.

But as the years went by without a new one on the drawing board, even some of the stars like Craig T Nelson and Samuel L Jackson doubted they'd ever don their super suits again.

Nelson said, "I'd given up that we were gonna do a sequel. And didn't know why, should've." Jackson said, "Part of the excuse that I have always made was, the first one was so perfect I mean how do you make another movie that's that good?"

Northwest native Brad Bird is back as the writer and director for the latest Incredibles film. He said he's had the premise for the sequel for quite some time.

"Well the core idea that Helen and Bob would kind of switch, I had when I was pushing the first film and I also knew I had a sort of unwrapped present of the fact that the family didn't know that Jack-Jack had multiple powers, the audience knew it but the family did not.” Said Bird.

After getting the green light from Disney to make the film, the studio also asked Bird to finish it a bit sooner than originally planned.

"We got, ok you're good to go, we got a release date for you, oh you know what? Toy Story 4 is not quite ready, can you move up a year, take a year off your schedule.”

So while 14 years between films may seem longer than Elastigirl's arms, the casts think Incredibles 2 is worth the wait.

"People have been clamored for this film for a very long time because they loved the first one so much. The sequel is supposed to be just a little bit better. Took them a while to figure it out, but they did. It's kind of good." Said Jackson.

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