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Brewpub kid's book in Bothell

Foggy Noggin Brewing makes something for children also. #k5evening

BOTHELL, Wash. — Foggy Noggin Brewing has been making — and serving — beer in a Bothell garage for 12 years.

Now they've got something else on tap — kid's books.

"We sell ‘em here and people are shocked — they go, ‘You guys write books too? You make great beer and you have cool books’?" Foggy Noggin's owner Jim Jamison laughed. 

Jamison’s a true Renaissance man. He plays piano, sings, brews beer, has another day job, and recently decided to try his hand at authoring kid’s books.

"He pretty much has his foot in everything,” said daughter Stephanie Schisler, who he asked to illustrate his books.

The father-daughter duo's first book is called "What Would I be if I couldn’t Be Me?"

The books have a built-in test audience.

“I like to read books to the grandkids and I thought this book is as good or better than most of the books I look at,” Jamison said.

The grandkids all appear in the second book — "Who's Going to Eat that Bite?"

"Oh they were really excited, they thought it was really funny,” Schisler said.

Beer and books for kids may seem like a strange brew, but it makes sense to the man combining the two.

“I like to drink a drink or something to relax me and get me into the mood of reading a book, whether it's a beer, it could a hot cup of cocoa whatever it is,” Jamison explained.

There's a third book in the works, more beer on tap, and the founder of Foggy Noggin Brewing says cheers to it all.

“I figure, you know, you have plenty of time to sleep when you're dead, I got a lotta things I want to accomplish still!”

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