SEATTLE - The Northwest's club scene is reflecting influences from the East.

"Jai Ho!" Bollywood dance parties have become monthly events around Seattle and Portland.

"Jai Ho means 'be victorious' or 'victory to you,' in Hindi," said Prashant Kakad, who serves as a DJ and dance instructor.

He spins songs from the soundtrack of a cultural phenomenon: Bollywood, otherwise known as India's film industry. Fans of Bollywood's prolific musicals memorize the steps and lyrics, and perform them at the dance parties.

But that doesn't mean guests need to know anything about the films to join in.

"Music is universal," said Christie Lo, who discovered Bollywood parties through friends at work. "You don't need to understand the words to feel the emotion, to feel the beat and get your foot tapping and to dance. It's just a very organic thing that happens."

It's a big change from the nightclub scene she used to frequent.

"That's like where people grind like sausages, and this is more of a cultural celebration," she said.

Scores of other Seattleites are also hooked. Prashant's monthly parties are packed.

"I want to take this and make it open for everyone," he said. "It doesn't have to be for any caste, culture or creed."

Another "Jai Ho!" party is happening Saturday, Feb. 28 at Nectar in Fremont. Click here for more information.