Seattle artist Melissa Anne McClain took a beautiful snow picture from her South Lake Union balcony, and it was then tweeted out by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Melissa's seen a lot of change from her perch over the past few years, but she that doesn't scare her. It inspires her.

“Three years ago it was quiet. There wasn’t a lot going on outside my window,” said McClain. “It’s expanded a lot and now, there are five new buildings and these amazing Biospheres that are so amazing to watch.”

It’s almost as if she’s looking down into a busy beehive building and changing its environment.

The change doesn’t faze Melissa though. She considers herself an adventurous person at heart.

“But when I’m home,” said McClain, “there’s an adventure out my window.”

The window in Melissa’s home overlooks onto the Biosphere’s unique architectural style.

“I love shapes and colors,” said McClain, “so it’s just been fun to watch all of this stuff evolve and come together.”

As a photographer, Melissa’s curiosity peaked when she heard it was going to snow in Seattle.

“My thought was snow globes! I love snow globes,” said McClain. “I collect snow globes, actually.”

She headed outside, and inside her apartment, with a camera to capture the moment.

“I sort of stalked the snow, I’ll be honest,” said McClain. “I waited until there was just enough up.”

The photos she took started gaining popularity. Especially when Bezos retweeted one and millions saw the picture.

“And then when it came out from Jeff Bezos, it was pretty cool,” said McClain. “It made it really exciting that I was able to capture that moment.”

The Biosphere’s first snow captured forever.

“I think this is going to be an icon of Seattle architecture,” said McClain. “I watched them come from the ground up and it’s been really fun.”

See more of Melissa’s work here. And sign up for her 10-Day Creativity Course here.

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