Tonight a Bellevue-based entrepreneur will be sharing her first and only blind date with all of America, when Jennifer Jedda appears on the NBC reality series First Dates.

“I am nervous for sure but also excited,” she says.

Jedda owns JJ Caprices, a company that sells jewelry discovered on trips she takes around the world.

But a reality series is a different kind of adventure.

“Well, first of all, I like to say a first date is my natural habitat, so I'm not necessarily so nervous for First Dates,” she says. “In fact, this is something I always wanted to do.”

Ellen DeGeneres is the executive producer of First Dates, which is a hit show in the U.K. Jedda says the show is completely real.

“The only thing that was scripted was telling me what door to walk through,” she says. “Everything else is pure Jen on a date.”

First Dates airs Fridays at 8 PM on KING -TV.