Beverly Hills,CA -- As her biggest fans know, Emma Watson is a voracious reader. She has a virtual book club, and was recently spotted leaving Maya Angelou books around subway stations as part of a new international project she calls "Book Fairies".

In “Beauty and the Beast”, the title characters, played by Watson and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, form a bond over books.

We asked them whether they could name a book that they absolutely adored beyond all reason.

“I think growing up Matilda by Roald Dahl meant a lot to me,” says Stevens. “It's still one that I love, and my daughter now loves. It is another book about books and the power of imagination and reading.”

“My pick would be His Dark Materials ( by Philip Pullman),” says Watson. “Lyra was an obsession of mine. It's the first time I really felt like-- well this is going to sound very overly dramatic but hey I'm an actress I'll do it anywa--it was the first time I really felt like a reading experience had been almost spiritual like it was I really, really loved it.”

Beauty and the Beast opens Friday.