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This Black-owned skincare line is quickly becoming a local favorite

Acacia Corson is the mind behind Badder Body, a vegan, all-natural skincare line that will make you feel badd- in a good way. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Acacia Corson is practically the Bob Ross of body butter - her brand, Badder Body, was the product of many happy accidents.

"It took about seven years to make what I've got now," Corson says. "It's like a happy accident, over and over and over again."

Seven years ago, Acacia Corson was looking for products for her newly natural hair, but she wasn't finding anything she liked. She wanted a natural, organic product that worked, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I started looking for ingredients online to make my DIY hair stuff, and it was Badder," Corson says. "I got too much on my hands, and I was like, 'Oh, this is bomb. This is dope'."

Badder Body is a vegan, organic skincare line made with natural oils and shea butter, which is exactly what Corson was looking for. A natural - and affordable - hair and skin product.

"The thing I want to do is be a staple skincare brand," Corson says. "I have a mission to make versatile, long-lasting items that are affordable for people."

Credit: KING 5
Acacia Corson is the woman behind Badder Body.

Now, she and her faithful sous chef-slash-daughter Arya cook up scents like Suga, a sweet potato pie scent, and Sweet Dreem, a jasmine-lavender scent. Carson hand-labels each tin to ship off to customers online, or sell at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall every weekend.

The Badder Body skincare line is full of fun easter eggs. For instance, all of the product names are misspelled - on purpose.

"You don't have to spellcheck me," Carson says.

And there's a musical theme to the names as well.

"I'm a musician, so when I experience things, I often break out into song," says Carson, describing how she named her most popular body butter scent, Like Kandi. "I had no idea what I was going to call it, but it smelled like candy, like the Cameo song."

Credit: KING 5
Each Badder Body butter is named after a song.

Carson's businesses has grown over the years, and she wants other Black businesses in Washington to see the same success."

"I feel like if we see more of each other, we can achieve more of what's in our minds eye," Carson says. "I like to lead by example and be an inspiration. That's my goal in life."

So, Acacia is following her dreams and helping to build up others, one beautiful Badder Body Butter at a time.

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