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Alaska Airlines' new hand-painted plane honors Toy Story and Pixar Pier

The plane takes its first-ever passengers to the Happiest Place on Earth

SAN FRANCISCO — Woody and Buzz say welcome aboard to Alaska Airlines' most colorful flight -- to Disneyland. 

In collaboration with the Disneyland Resort, the freshly painted 737 celebrates Pixar Pier and the beloved Disney-Pixar characters who call it home.

The new vibrant paint job required nearly 3,000 work hours over 24 days. That doesn't count the months of design and preparation.

"It's a six to seven month process," revealed Alaska's Natalie Bowman. That's more than 50 gallons of paint, in 44 different colors and shades.

If you look closely, you'll also spot a few surprises. There are dinosaurs peeking out the window to welcome passengers on board. And don't be alarmed if you spot a few Little Green Men hitching a ride. 

The first-ever passengers are all contest winners. Their prize? A trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

The plane will go into service across Alaska AIrlines' system, so everyone has a chance to share their next flight with Woody and Buzz. 

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