For the past five years, Jeremy Veach and his pug, Norm, have been capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond... as well as the hearts of more than 300,000 Instagram fans.

"At the time when I started Instagram, I didn't have anyone to take photos of really," said Veach, who lives with his family in Port Orchard. "Then I got Norm, so I had him be my subject in my photos. I just want to take the human out an and put Norm in."

"I never really knew you could make a living from social media. It's pretty crazy."

The majority of their photo shoots take place while exploring the outdoors. One of their favorite spots to visit is Rattlesnake Lake outside of Seattle. It's one of the first places Veach brought Norm after adopting him.

"We just hike along and if we see anywhere that looks good for a photo we just stop," said Veach. "It doesn't really matter where it is. We don't really plan anything. It's all just spur of the moment stuff."

But from time to time, Veach poses Norm for portraits at home. Veach often incorporates props and costumes to transform Norm into different characters.

"All those ones at home they're not really cool. I'm usually on the coffee table with some kind of backdrop behind us."

"Before him I didn't do any of this," said Veach, while looking down at his beloved Pug. "I didn't travel as much. I was still taking photos but nothing like I was doing right now. Yeah, Norm definitely changed my life."

See photos of Jeremy and Norm traveling the country together on their Instagram, @jeremyveach.

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