SEATTLE — Abigail Neilson thought she'd live the life of a ballerina.

"I had so many injuries happen to me that I decided it was time to quit," she says.

So, at the age of 13, she picked up a guitar and never looked back.

"I started out in a classic rock band," Neilson says. "So I actually learned how to play within a band before learning how to accompany myself, which is really weird, because normally it happens the other way around."

First, she played the songs of her favorite artist, Taylor Swift.

"It really felt honest."  

Then she started writing some of her own.

"It's very country-pop."

A Nashville producer saw the 19-year-old's music on YouTube, and it was off to "Music City, USA."

"Being in the studio was the best time of my life," Neilson says.  "I wouldn't trade that for the world."

Now Neilson has recorded her first EP and she has plenty more songs to sing.

"In five years, opening for someone on a world tour.  I would really love for that to happen."

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