For residents of Mary's Place, it's all first class aboard Clipper Vacations.

Mary's Place is a non-profit focused on helping homeless women, children and families reclaim their lives, by providing shelter, resources and hope in a safe community.

The goal? To keep struggling families together when they have no other place to go.

"Clipper said we are celebrating our 30th birthday and we want you to be the guest of honor. And what a huge joy and gift it was for us. To come and enjoy a day away from homelessness," says Liz McDaniel, Family Shelter Developer at Mary's Place.

It's a chance to experience the Salish Sea, to forget their troubles, and feel at home on the water.

"We're never going to forget it," exclaims one Mary's Place mother, "It's something my child can do that I couldn't offer him right now."

Clipper Vacations founder and chair, Merideth Tall, is ecstatic about providing this trip for struggling families, "We are blessed to be in this community for 30 years. People are really just in awe of this, it's a really incredible thing to be able to do."

Even Captain Bill Tiffany of the Clipper chimes in, "They are moved by the experience of not just seeing the whales, but all the sea life, so there's a lot of emotional reaction to it. It never gets old."

The whale watching trip for these Mary's Place families is going to be a day that they will never forget.